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EP207 Buy & Hold V.S. Lease Option with Anne Amagrande

Today we're going to discuss the Buy & Hold model and compare it to the Lease Option model with Anne Amagrande.  Anne is a serial entrepreneur and owner of Grande AMA & Associates.  She's an expert on Real Estate Investing, Generational Wealth, and owning and growing businesses.

Anne will discuss her model of providing lease options that serve both her homeowners and investors, how she times her contracts for maximum tax benefits, and how she structures her investments for passive investors and the returns they typically achieve.

Anne will also be discussing the fear most first-time investors face and how to get past that in order to accomplish your first deal.  She'll also discuss the importance of building a team, and who her early mentors were.

Anne is also passionate about financial literacy and has a lot of great information to share for every level of investor.  You can contact Anne through linkedin, or email her at anne@amagrande.com

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