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EP079 How He Turned a Teardown Two-Unit into a Cash Cow with Mike VanderWoude

Abandoned and Dilapidated for the past ten years, it was a two-unit property that no investor wanted anything to do with.  I would drive by and wonder when the city would get around to tearing it down.

And then, Mike VanderWoude came along.

Mike is a broker at 616 Places, and he saw something that no one else did.  He saw money.

Today, Mike takes us step-by-step through the acquisition and rehab of this two-unit property.  How he negotiated the purchase price, acquired a construction loan, and checked with the city to make sure that it was indeed, a 2-unit property.

Mike also talks about the dynamics of Grand Rapids' West Side neighborhoods, how he researched what residents want in a home, whether they prefer a tub or shower, and the value of having great photos for marketing.

I know you'll enjoy learning from Mike's experience bringing a 2-unit back to life.  You can find out more about Mike on the web:


Enjoy the show!

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