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    EP094 When Your Rental Property is Haunted: Real-Life Ghost Stories RE-BROADCAST

    This is one of my All-Time Favorite Episodes, and since Halloween is coming up I wanted to Scare our listeners one more time.

    My apologies to "This American Life" - who's format I shamelessly ripped off!...

    Get Ready to Get Scared by this Special Halloween Episode with Real Ghost Stories from the perspective of Rental Property Owners, Homeowners, and Tenants.

    Whether you believe in Ghosts or not, sometimes strange and inexplicable things happen that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Our guests today talk about the creaking doors, the footsteps, the feeling of being watched, and the sensation of seeing an apparition of someone long dead.

    With stories from old and new guests: Ann Finkler, Gary Hall, Steve DeKoster, Brandon Krieg, John Potter, and Sue Dejonge.

    I know you'll enjoy this episode and I'd appreciate it if you'd share that enjoyment by giving us a review and rating in itunes.

    Happy Halloween!

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