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EP289 Can Your Financial Advisor Help You Achieve Financial Freedom? With Chris Miles

Have you ever tried talking to your financial advisor about investing in Real Estate?  What did they have to say?  Did they bring up the risks and performance compared to investing in stocks, mutual funds, and bonds, or did they encourage you to invest in real estate and build passive income?

If you’re talking with a traditional mainstream financial advisor, it's more likely that they steered you away from real estate into a mutual fund or stock portfolio.

My guest today believes that traditional mainstream financial advice is BROKEN!  And he should know, because he used to be a financial advisor and stock coach.

Chris Miles is now a Cash Flow Expert for Real Estate Investors and Anti-Financial Advisor.  He uses his company Money Ripples to expose the popular myths around money that have kept so many real estate investors from enjoying financial freedom and peace of mind.

Today Chris and I discuss why your financial advisor is likely forbidden from endorsing investing in real estate, how you can free up cash flow and tap into equity to build your passive income, and how Infinite Banking can pay you Twice from your investment money.

I know you’ll benefit from the insight and wisdom Chris shares today.  You can find out more about Chris by listening to his podcast “The Chris Miles Money Show” and through his website:  https://moneyripples.com

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