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EP348 What You Need to Know About Investing in Distressed Commercial Real Estate With Jake Harris

When I started investing in multifamily it was 2008 and every property was a distressed property. The period between 2008 and 2012 was definitely a buyer’s market and sellers were desperate to unload their non-performing properties.

As the market shifts once again it seems like we’re heading into some sort of recession. So, it’s a good opportunity to discuss the outlook on distressed commercial real estate and how you might find the best opportunities currently available.

Jake Harris is our guest today, and he is the author of “Catching Knives: A Guide to Investing in Distressed Commercial Real Estate”—which makes him the perfect person to have this conversation with.

Jake is going to share stories from the past 20 years in real estate investing—how he became a millionaire by 30, but then lost it all in the Great Recession. He’ll share the systems that he’s built to identify distressed properties, examples of recent acquisitions, and his outlook on the rest of 2022 and what will happen in our economy.

I know you’re going to enjoy this conversation with Jake. You can find out more about him through his website: https://www.catchknives.com

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