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EP035 Learn from the Commercial Multi-Family and Apartment Brokers: How to be taken seriously as an investor, factors and expenses to consider, and an overview of the Michigan Real Estate Market with Craig Black and Scott Nurski from NAI Wisinski

If you're an active investor in commercial multi-family and apartments, or you're interested in getting into this space, I know you're going to get a lot out of today's conversation.

I'm excited to sit down with Craig Black and Scott Nurski, who are both Multi-Family Investment Advisors with NAI Wisinski of West Michigan.

We have definitely packed a lot of great information into today's conversation:  What you need to do to get brokers to take you seriously, the economy of scale with Multi-Family and Apartments compared to Single Family Investing, and factors & expenses to consider when you begin investing in larger units.

Craig and Scott also go into detail on the Michigan and West Michigan market, including where you might still be able to find deals.

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