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EP367 Successful Investing Strategies this Tax Attorney Has Learned from Over 10,000 Clients with Toby Mathis

My guest today is a tax attorney who has worked with real estate clients for over twenty years, and in that time has come to recognize the choices and strategies that separate the successful investors from those who struggle.

Toby Mathis, Esq., is a founding partner of Anderson Business Advisors with tens of thousands of clients nationwide. Toby advances his clients’ interests by combining expert tax advice with his personal experiences investing in over 200 of his own real estate projects. He’s also an award-winning writer and his recent book was an Amazon #1 bestseller called “Infinity Investing: How the Rich Get Richer and How you Can Do the Same”.

Today, Toby shares the top three tax strategies his successful clients employ in real estate, along with the biggest mistakes he sees some of his clients making. We’ll talk about the one thing you can do to avoid being a target for the IRS, and you’ll learn what Infinity Investing is all about.

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