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EP107 Creative Financing: Nothing Down, Why Price is Irrelevant, and the Power of Zero with Chris McClatchey

Chris McClatchey initially built his Real Estate Portfolio the Traditional Way - by using Bank Financing.  But then it struck him;  the majority of his cash flow was going back to the bank to pay off his mortgage.  Not only that, but the first seven to fifteen years of mortgage payments were primarily paying off the interest on his loan rather than paying down the principal.

Chris knew that there had to be a better way, and that's when he came up with "The Power of Zero".  By using seller financing with zero percent interest, Chris was able to outbid other investors by overpaying for the property, but he was still paying much less in interest over the duration of the loan.

Today, Chris shares "The Power of Zero" with us, and explains why its so important to listen to the seller to figure out what they really want, why the terms of the loan are much more important than the price you're willing to pay, the three elements to a great deal, and how to present an offer and understand the psychology of the seller.

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