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EP182 New Construction & How to be a Residential & Commercial Real Estate Developer and Real Estate Strategist with Bradley Hartwell

Today we're going to talk about New Construction & what it takes to be a Real Estate Developer.  A lot of people think this is an exciting and rewarding career - but is it?

My guest today is going to help us figure that out.  Bradley Hartwell is the Founder and Real Estate Strategist with North Town Real Estate, a West Michigan Real Estate firm specializing in acquisition, brokerage, consulting, and development of residential and commercial properties.  He's also a Professor of Real Estate at Central Michigan University.

Bradley has been an instrumental player in developing several large commercial and residential projects in the Grand Rapids area, and today he is going to take us through the process - from identifying the site and other pre-development tasks, to the construction process and the eventual completion and leasing of the property.

We'll also discuss the strategy of building apartments that can be converted to condos later on, and the role financing and fund raising plays in the process.  Bradley also has a lot of experience & stories that he'll be sharing with us.

If you've ever considered developing your own real estate project, or are interested in the development and construction process, then this is a 'must-listen' episode with a seasoned expert.  You can contact Bradley through his linkedin or email:





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