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EP205 Guts V.S. Knowledge: How He was able to Leave His Computer Training Business and Find Financial Independence Through Real Estate Investing, with Mark Owens

Mark Owens once owned a successful Computer Training Business, until he left it behind to find Financial Freedom through Real Estate Investing.  Now he hasn't earned W-2 Income for over 10 years, and he's been investing in the Baltimore, Maryland area for the past 17 years, growing his portfolio from 1 to over 100 rental units.

Mark has created a lifestyle that allows him to help others invest in Buy & Hold Rentals, and he provides education through investor meet ups, classes, Facebook live, and podcasts like this one.

Today we're going to discuss why Mark has succeeded where others have failed, why he's never made a 'mistake', and the difference between 'going with your Gut', and obtaining the knowledge to be successful.

Mark will also share how he was able to grow his portfolio so quickly, how he hired his team, and how he can 'force' appreciation on  residential properties.

I know you'll enjoy this conversation with Mark.  There's a lot of great wisdom and advice on becoming a successful investor.  You can find out more through Facebook: Mark Owens REI, or contact him through email: Mark@MarkOwens.com

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