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EP128 He started with $7 Dollars and now runs a $172 Million Dollar Multi-Family Portfolio. Syndication, Salesmanship and Real Estate Success with Vinney Chopra

Vinney Chopra came to America with $7 dollars in his pocket and a dream.  Today he Asset Manages a $172 Million dollar portfolio of Multi-Family Properties.  He's done over 26 syndications and has over 3,100 apartments under management.  The great thing about Vinney is that he can raise $6 to $10 Million dollars without breaking a sweat, but he remains humble and friendly and willing to share how he does it.

In today's conversation Vinney will tell us how he went from being a failure at door-to-door sales to buying thousands of doors through syndication.  You'll learn how Vinney talks with potential investors and the techniques he uses to raise millions of dollars.  We'll also discuss the importance of salesmanship and the marketing tips Vinney has learned along the way.

Vinney also shares the return-on-investment he shoots for with his investors, why he started his own property management company, and the people and books who have influenced his thinking in a positive way.

Vinney is one of the most positive and inspiring people you'll ever meet, and I know you're going to enjoy this conversation.  You can learn more about Vinney by checking out his website:


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