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EP063 The Definitive House Hacking Expert Panel, Live from the RPOA Annual Conference!

The RPOA's House Hacking Expert Panel from the Annual Conference was so popular that we decided to record it and make it into a podcast episode.

If you've ever wondered what House Hacking is all about, or why it makes sense, this is the episode you don't want to miss.  Our expert panel will talk you through every step: how to find the right property, how to secure financing & renovation loans, and how to find the right tenants.

Courtney Sorrell & her husband completed their first house hack last year.  Courtney is the Assistant Director of Annual Giving at Davenport University and is the founder of Pika Properties.

Courtney was also a guest on the podcast – episode #30

Kevin Murphy also completed his first house hack last year and used a little know loan to acquire the property and roll in $30k for rehab expenses.  Kevin is a Strategic Pricing Analyst for Meijer, as well as a crossfit trainer & public speaker.

You can hear Kevin on Episode #31 of the podcast.

Allison Koetsier is the Rock Star Realtor who helped Courtney find her first house hack.  Allison works for Compass Realty Services & is the #1 multi-family broker in West Michigan. She’s a board member of the RPOA and runs the millionaire mastermind group.

You can hear Allison on Episode #38 of the podcast.

Josh Smith was instrumental in helping Kevin remodel his first house hack using an FHA 203k mortgage.  Josh was the owner of Front Porch Group, which focused on the niche of remodeling homes using 203k loans, and he’s currently the sales manager at Treadstone Mortgage, which specializes in residential home mortgages including FHA renovation loans.

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