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EP072 Who is Fighting Bad Laws that Hurt Real Estate Owners & Investors? How the RPOA Fights For Your Rights with Clay Powell

Should you be forced to allow residents to smoke medical marijuana in your properties?  Are you concerned about Rent Control Laws affecting your bottom line?  Who should pay the cost of getting rid of Bed Bugs?  Is it your responsibility to make sure your residents are registered to vote?

Who is helping to shape the legislation that answers these questions?

The Rental Property Owners Association ("RPOA") is, that's who.

And today, we talk with Clay Powell, the Director of the RPOA, about a little understood, yet vital function of the RPOA, which is to work with local and state legislators to prevent laws that could make owning rental property more expensive and cumbersome for Landlords and Investors.

Clay and I discuss recent successes in preventing mandated inspections for Lead Paint, requiring landlords to register their residents to vote, expensive requirements for new smoke detector technology, and many other issues that affect our bottom line.

The RPOA is protecting your rights as a Landlord and Investor, whether you're a member or not.  You can help out by becoming a member:


You can also contribute to the Political Action Committee ("PAC") by calling 616-454-3385 with your donation.

Enjoy the show!

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