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EP250 An Exclusive Inside Look at What Goes Into Making This Podcast with Brian Hamrick

Hello & welcome to episode 250.  We’ve reached the quarter-century mark and I thought I'd do things a little differently to celebrate this milestone.  We’re not going to have a guest today, I’m just going to spend a little time talking with you about the show: giving you a behind-the-scenes peek at how we put it together, answering some of your questions and feedback, and sharing the systems, technology & lessons I’ve learned from hosting this show over the past 249 episodes.
I'll also be discussing some of the deals I've done with people I've met through the show, as well as my outlook on the real estate market and the property I just closed on this week that we intend to develop.
You'll also find out why one of my favorite all-time episodes is the one that will be going live next week.
I hope you enjoy this behind the scenes tour.  I'm very grateful for the opportunity to share these past 250 episodes with you, and want to thank the incredible team at the Rental Property Association for making it possible.

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