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EP073 How Growing Up with Few Material Possessions Helped Prepare Him for Extreme Foreclosure House Hacking with Benjamin Mcclellan

Benjamin Mcclellan grew up with eight brothers & sisters, few material possessions, and even less money.  Many of his meals consisted of rice, beans, and popcorn.  But his parents instilled in him a strong work ethic and a lifelong passion for learning.

That passion has led Benjamin to invest in 14 Buy & Hold Rentals, as well as 3 Flips in the Grand Rapids area.  He's also done what I'd call "Extreme House Hacking" by buying foreclosed properties with no running water, gas or heat, and living there while he does the rehab.  This strategy has led to interesting encounters with homeless squatters, thieving neighbors, and frozen pipes, but its also set Benjamin on the path to financial independence.

Benjamin also has a knack for creating relationships with sellers and note holders that has helped him acquire his properties for very little money down with unique deal structures.  He shares the nuts and bolts of those deals in today's conversation.

If you want to know what it takes to start with very little and build it into a strong portfolio of real estate assets, then I know you're going to enjoy today's conversation.

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