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EP113 Finding Diamonds in the Junk - Building a Business that solves Real Estate Investor's Problems while Creating New Opportunities with Kevin Schultz and Joe Howard from Junk King

Joe Howard and Kevin Schultz were standing in the middle of a dumpster when they came up with a business idea that would change their lives.  As real estate investors, they knew there was a huge need for getting rid of all the junk that accumulates in the houses they were looking at for flipping or rehabbing.  So they became the owners of "Junk King of West Michigan".

Through this business they've been able to find opportunities that most investors never get to see.  Today they tell us about those opportunities and share stories of the less-than-glamorous side of the junk removal business.

Joe and Kevin discuss the traits that make for a good partner both in real estate and business, the first rehab they did together and the challenges they faced, an abandoned house full of cat litter, and how they donate a lot of their time and items to Family Promise, a local non-profit serving homeless families in West Michigan.

You'll also learn tips on how to deal with bed bugs and fleas, and how to properly dispose of paint.

Joe and Kevin can be contacted through Junk King by phone or their website:



Enjoy the show!

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