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EP194 Landlord Revolution: Maximize your Cashflow through Alternate Income Streams of Short Term Rentals & Corporate Housing with Al Williamson

Is the Landlord profession overdue for a Revolution?  Is the Business Model of covering mortgages and operating costs by charging rent no longer sufficient?  My guest today believes both of those statements to be true.

Al Williamson is known as the "Worlds First Landlord Scientist", and he's on a quest to help other landlords maximize their Cashflow through alternate income streams such as Short Term Rentals and Corporate Housing.  He also has other valuable tips on increasing income and lowering expenses, many of which I'd never thought of before our conversation.

Al's going to share the tips and techniques he's used in many different modes of real estate investing, including turning around inner city houses and neighborhoods, an inexpensive way to avoid costly plumbing issues, why vacancy is a function of marketing, and how he makes money off of corporate rentals even when he doesn't own the property.

Al is also the author of "40 Ways to Increase The Net Income of Your Rental Property", and he can be contacted through his website or email:



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