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EP304 How She’s Achieved a Life By Design through Niche Strategies like “Build-to-Rent” and “Supported Living”, with Jennifer Beadles

My guest today is passionate about helping families build wealth and passive income streams through real estate investing and living a life by design.

Jennifer Beadles is an investor and investment-focused real estate broker specializing in value-add properties. She owns just under 250 units across five different states. With 14 years of experience in the real estate industry, Jennifer has many investing strategies, including the BRRR method, value-add multifamily, build-to-rent, supported living, private lending, and investing out-of-state

Today Jennifer goes into detail on two of those strategies and shares how they’ve allowed her and her husband to travel several months a year while maintaining passive cash flow.  First, we discuss Supported Living and why it can be more lucrative than market rate housing, while actually reducing the amount of management and expenses you’d typically find in traditional rental properties.

We’ll also discuss Jennifer’s “Build-to-Rent” strategy of building 3 to 4 bedroom duplexes that cashflow and are worth more than the acquisition and construction costs.  There are several exit strategies with this method, including cash-out refinance, holding as a rental, or condo-ing and selling off at a profit.

Jennifer shares many incredible tips that could help you see your investment strategy in a completely new way.  You can find out more about Jennifer and her coaching services through her website: https://addictedtoroi.com

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