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EP171 Legalized Marijuana & Your Investment Property: Expert Q&A with Justin Wheeler

With the recent legalization of marijuana in Michigan and other states around the country, many real estate investors and landlords have been wondering what this means for their investment property.

Are tenants now able to smoke marijuana in their units? Do we need to change our leases to accommodate this new law? Can we get in trouble if we evict a tenant for smoking marijuana? How can we as investors profit from this new law? How do we identify these new opportunities?

At the recent RPOA annual conference we held an expert Q&A discussion with Justin Wheeler, a real estate attorney with the law firm Bolhouse, Hofstee & McLean. Justin practices in the areas of business and real estate and has several clients in the marijuana space.

If you are at all concerned about the implications of the legalization of marijuana on your investment property, or you're excited to know where the opportunities are in this space, then you'll enjoy hearing Justin discuss the in's & out's of this new law.

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