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EP054 Growing up in a Family of Property Managers, Turning around a Cash-Flow Negative Property, and Success Tips in Apartment Investing with Justin Hentemann

When Justin Hentemann turned nine years old his father started a property management company.  Justin literally learned the business from the ground up - by cleaning hallways and landscaping, to becoming a property manager and team supervisor, to working his way up to Vice President of MTH Management Company.

Today, Justin and I have a very high-level conversation that anyone interested in Commercial Apartment Investing will want to listen to.  Justin explains why the success of a property is determined on the day you close, how to find efficiencies and lower expenses, and how to turn around a cash-flow negative property.

You're also going to learn about the different accounting methods and the difference between cash-based accounting and the accrual method.  Justin also manages Low Income Tax Credit (LITC) properties, as well as HUD, Rural Development (RD) and MSHDA housing.  We'll discuss what these terms mean, as well as what it takes to comply with these types of loans.

MTH Management is based in Lansing, Michigan and manages over 2,000 units of large apartment communities, as well as some smaller multi families throughout Michigan and parts of Ohio & Indiana.  You can contact Justin in the following ways:

email:  jh@mthmgt.com

Phone: 517-668-1800

Website:  http://www.mthmgt.com/

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