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EP353 How the BRRRR Method Has Helped Them Achieve Financial Freedom Through Real Estate Investing With Tiffany and Eric Vogel

My guests today are a husband and wife team who started investing in 2018 and have found financial freedom through buy-and-hold rental properties.

Now, Tiffany and Eric Vogel have released their first book called “The Pathfinder’s Journey: The Key to Your Dream Life Through Real Estate Investing” to encourage new investors to begin their own real estate journey to their dream life.

Tiffany and Eric will walk us through their process from the beginning… How they spent thousands of hours listening to podcasts, training, and going to seminars, how they found their first BRRRR project and the private money to acquire it, how they levelled up to a 3-unit, and how they eventually achieved financial freedom and were able to leave their W-2 jobs.

We’ll also discuss the different talents each of them brings to the table—Eric with his ability to take action and do a lot of the manual work, and Tiffany with her project management skills and emphasis on Gantt charts. You’ll also learn the meaning of GETMO (good enough to move on) and how Eric and Tiffany rely on that mindset to get past their perfectionist tendencies.

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