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Special RPOA Annual Conference Announcement - Nick Sidoti

2022 Michigan Landlord & Real Estate Investor Conference & Expo

Three Times the Market Rent With Special Needs Housing
Thursday, February 24th at 10:10am

Click here to register: https://bit.ly/reiconference22

Nick Sidoti will teach you the secrets to turning your rentals into tremendous cash flow generators and triple your rental income with special needs housing. You will learn how to market your rentals to special populations—college students, veterans, government agencies, and others—as well as which tenants to choose that will make you very wealthy...these customers will pay you BIG bucks (2 or 3 times more than market rent) for a little extra convenience. NO, this is not Section 8 and YES, you will be blown away by the increase in profit!

About: Nick Sidoti, aka Dr. Cash Flow, has been investing in real estate for 30+ years. He specializes in residential rental properties—single family homes, special needs housing, and multi-family dwellings. He also buys, rehabs, and resells homes making large amounts of profits in short periods of time. Nick is the author of numerous real estate courses.

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