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EP082 How He built a $160 Million Apartment Portfolio with 'Best Ever' Superstar Joe Fairless

Joe Fairless is the host of "The Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever" Podcast and today he's in the studio to tell us how he grew his portfolio from Four Single-Family Rentals to an apartment portfolio worth over $160 Million within the span of three years.

Joe shares the details on his 'Best Ever' investment, a 250 Unit complex in Houston Texas, and how he increased it's value from $16.1 Million to $21.6 Million in two years.

Joe also discusses the types of apartment investments he buys, his Return on Investment goals, and the steps he takes to increase the Net Operating Income.  He'll also take us through his 3-step approach to scaling his business through strategic partnerships, as well as what he looks for in potential partners and what skills he brings to the table.

Joe also has a marketing background, and we discuss how important marketing is to raising money and being a successful investor.  Joe also tells the story of his brief career in stand-up comedy and how that's helped him get past the fear of talking with investors.

Whether you're familiar with Joe's podcast or not, I know you'll learn a lot of great information from this episode.  You can contact Joe through his email or website, and by listening to his podcast:



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