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EP195 How Technology will Propel Real Estate Investing into the Future with Ryan Wendlandt

Can you believe that the iPhone is only 12 years old?  When you consider all of the advantages and efficiencies that smart phone technology has created for rental property owners, its hard to imagine doing any type of business without it.

My guest today is going to tell us What's Next on the Technology Horizon that will not only revolutionize the way we show and lease our properties, but will also help us control our expenses and increase our income.

Ryan Wendlandt is currently employed in the Technology Industry and is focused on 5G technology.  Today he's going to share his unique insight into the benefits of 5G, including the use of Augmented and Virtual Reality to aid in showing our units, built-in sensors that will monitor our resident's utility and trash usage, and the increased capacity we will have to make more money.

Ryan is also a Real Estate Investor who has acquired five deals in the past year in Grand Rapids, while investing from San Diego.  He's going to share how he's able to find his deals and manage them from thousand's of miles away.

I know you're going to enjoy hearing Ryan's expectations for 5G technology's impact on your Real Estate Business.  He can be contacted through his website:


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