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EP331 Why Billionaires like Bill Gates are Investing in Farmland with Brandon Silveira

One of the truths we rely on as residential real estate investors is that everyone needs a place to live. A similar, yet even more powerful truth can be claimed about the investing strategy that we’ll be discussing today. That truth is that everyone needs to eat. Where does the food we eat come from? Farms of course!

So what are the opportunities and strategies we should know to successfully invest in farmland?

My guest today, Brandon Silveira, is a fourth-generation farmer and CEO of FarmFundr, a crowdfunding portal giving investors access to fractional ownership in high-profit potential farmland. Brandon is going to share the compelling reasons to invest in farmland and the potential profits you can make.

According to Brandon, we’ll need to double our farming output to meet the world’s demand for food in the coming decades. There’s a reason why billionaires like Bill Gates are investing in farmland, and Brandon is going to share how you can join them.

You can contact Brandon via email or visit his website:



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