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EP201 Buying "Subject To", Wraparound Mortgages, and Zero Percent Seller Financing with Brad Smotherman

There are many creative ways to Buy & Sell Real Estate, while creating Owner Financed Paper in the process.  And my guest today has done them all.  Brad Smotherman owns and manages a 7-figure per year Flipping Business called American Community Investments and holds Notes across middle Tennessee.  He's invested in 14 states and completed 100's of transactions.

Brad is going to discuss what it means to purchase a property 'Subject To' the existing mortgage, and what happens when the lender 'Calls In' the loan.  You'll also learn what a 'Wraparound' Mortgage is, and how you can profit from creating one.

Brad also discusses how he's able to purchase property with zero percent owner financing, the importance of mentorship, what it means to 'Buy Equity', and why Wholesalers are leaving money on the table by not employing the strategies he's discovered.

There are a lot of great tips and techniques that you'll learn in today's conversation.  Many of them haven't been discussed on the show before.  Brad can be contacted through his website: http://www.bradsmotherman.com

And you can also check out his podcast called "Investor Creator"

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