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EP055 She's Completed over 600 Wholesale Deals on her way to achieving her Ultimate Goal. Learn the Fastest & Easiest Way to Wholesale Properties for Big Money with Vena Jones-Cox

Would you agree that doing over 600 Wholesale Deals makes you an expert on the subject?  Then you're going to love hearing from my guest today.

Vena Jones-Cox is known as 'The Real Estate Goddess', and she is also a self-described 'Real Estate Geek' who is knowledgeable on just about every aspect of real estate investing and believes it to be the best way to achieve financial independence.

Vena does all of her investing in the greater Cincinnati area and has bought/sold/managed over 700 deals employing many different creative strategies.

Vena also hosts the Public Radio Show called "Real Life Real Estate Investing", and she will be speaking at the RPOA's FREE Annual Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Saturday, February 25th, 2017 from 10 a.m. until 12 p.m. at the Devos Place Convention Center.

Vena will be sharing her unique and up-to-date strategies on the Fastest & Easiest Way to Wholesale Properties for Big Money.

You don't want to miss what Vena has to share.  Enjoy this episode and register for the FREE CONFERENCE at www.rpoaonline.org


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