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EP069 Partnering to find Unique Opportunities in Multifamily and Apartments, Difficult Sellers, Busted Condo Communities, and Learning to Syndicate with Brad Tacia & Mark Yuschak

Brad Tacia and Mark Yuschak both come from a successful background in the corporate world, and they've each had their share of real estate success.  So it made a lot of sense for them to partner up, and doing so has had enormous benefits.

Today Brad and Mark discuss the two deals they've done together - a 23 unit community in Fowlerville, and a 63 unit Senior Housing Property in Lansing, Michigan.

We'll discuss how they found these deals, the negotiations they had with the sellers, and the efficiencies they were able to bring that provided a huge upside in their Net Operating Income.  We also discuss a busted condo community that Brad purchased during the recession, and how Brad and Mark analyze their deals.

Brad and Mark are also laying the groundwork for their first syndication, and we discuss the type of deal they're looking for, the types of returns they hope to project, and how they share their information with potential investors.

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