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EP324 Eleven Millionaire Secrets You Never Learned in School with Billion Dollar Skyscraper Developer Ken Van Liew

My friend Ken Van Liew is back on the show today, and you may remember Ken as the developer of New York skyscrapers valued over $1.3 billion.

Ken has extensive experience in every aspect of real estate investing, he’s an author, educator, engineer and one of Manhattan’s most successful real estate experts. 

When he was last on the show Ken shared lessons from his new book, The Modern Wealth Building Formula. And today, we’re going to learn the 11 millionaire secrets they don’t teach you in school. I guarantee that many of these will be new to you. Some of them might even make you millions of dollars.

Ken also shares his perspective on the real estate market in 2022—what he’s concerned about and where he sees opportunity. You’ll learn about his North Carolina full-service city/neighborhood development, and the global real estate enterprise group he created to merge ecosystems and accelerate growth.

Ken is a fascinating person with incredible value to share. You can find out more by going to https://kenvanliew.com.

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