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EP334 Rehabbing in Detroit, Selling His Trucks, and Starting a New Business, with Ramond Harris II, Justin Workman, Patrick Spitzley & Stephen Benedict at the RPOA Annual Conference

It’s been 109 episodes and 2 years of a pandemic, but we’re finally able to catch up with our friend Ramond Harris II. You may remember Ramond as the Detroit flipper, wholesaler and rehabber who shared his story in episodes #168 and #225 while we brainstormed ways for him to fix his broken business model and get rid of three trucks that were costing him over $25,000 per year in debt payments.

This episode was recorded at the RPOA’s 2022 annual conference in Grand Rapids where we were able to reunite with Justin Workman, Patrick Spitzley, and Stephen Benedict for an exciting mastermind session. We were all impressed to learn about the profitable new turn Ramond’s business has taken, and how he’s barged into a new business and found success by disrupting old models and outdated agreements.

For those of you who remember Ramond from past episodes, I know you’ll be incredibly impressed by his progress and newly acquired confidence. You can contact Ramond through email at ramond.harris@yahoo.com.

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