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EP070 The Secret to Raising all the Money You Need with "Magnetic Capital" author Victor J. Menasce

As a syndicator in large apartment investments, I've certainly spent a lot of time and effort raising money from private investors.

"Magnetic Capital: How to Raise All the Money You Need for ANY Worthy Venture" is a book that I wish I'd had when I was just starting out.

Victor J. Menasce, the author, joins me today to share the secrets he's learned about raising Other People's Money.  We'll discuss the five fundamental elements to raising money: Relationship, Trust, Results, Compelling Opportunity, and Allignment, and how they apply to Real Estate Opportunities.

Victor will also provide insight into the Psychology of raising money, how to avoid being 'creepy', The Art of the Pitch, Rookie Mistakes to Avoid, and whether or not you need a business plan.

Victor has also appeared on "Dragon's Den", which is the Canadian equivalent of "Shark Tank", and he'll share that interesting experience with us.

You can purchase "Magnetic Capital" by going to Victor's website:


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