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EP245 How You Can Build A Successful Short-Term Rental Business with J Massey

I’ve been an admirer of today’s guest ever since I came across his Cash Flow Diary podcast many years ago.  J Massey has raised capital for, and invested in, single-family homes, notes, cell phone towers, commercial real estate and apartments.  And today he’s going to tell us about the new path his investing business has taken and why he sees a world of opportunity is short-term rentals.

J has built his very own 34-unit, 46-bedroom, short-term rental business from scratch and has shifted his Cashflow Diary brand to focus exclusively on building and training short-term rental entrepreneurs.

J is also going to share how you can build a successful business with your spouse, his special sales tips for new business owners and entrepreneurs, and how he’s dealing with the unique challenges of operating a business during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Whether you’re a Short-Term Rental Investor or not, you’ll get a lot of great tips & advice in today’s conversation.  You can contact J Massey through his website & podcast https://cashflowdiary.com

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