Advanced Financial Analysis for Commercial and Multifamily Properties



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Are you ready to move beyond the basics of basic real estate financial analysis? Do you want to invest in something more than single family rentals? If yes, this class is for you.

Whether you are a beginning or experienced real estate investor, landlord, or a broker looking to get the best value for your client, you need to understand and know how to run your numbers. While this is true for smaller deals, and understanding of how to do advanced financial analysis even more important for large capital investments in commercial multifamily properties. A lot of people believe MATH is a four-letter word. But there’s no getting around the truth that in real estate MATH = MONEY!

The instructor, Brian Hamrick, controls 380 units and has bought and has sold over $16 million in real estate assets. Brian also hosts the “Rental Property Owner & Real Estate Investor Podcast”, which is sponsored by the RPOA.

Course length: 2 hrs 33 min

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