Exit Strategies and Transition Planning



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It’s never too early or too late to think about transition planning and exit strategies. Know how you’re going to build wealth, plan for retirement and leave a legacy of which you can be proud.

What’s your plan for your transition into retirement? Are you planning to divest yourself of all your real estate before you retire? Or, are you planning to have family members or existing partners or employees take over the business and send you monthly checks? Do you plan to sell off your real estate assets a few at a time in order to fund your retirement—maybe selling your rentals on land contracts?

If you’re planning to use your real estate as part of your retirement strategy, how are you protecting those assets? Are you setting yourself up to avoid a huge tax burden for you and/or those inheriting your real estate holdings? How do you plan to pass along your real estate to your children or others? What happens if you die unexpectedly? Is your spouse capable (or willing) to take over your rental or real estate business? Have you asked them? What happens if your real estate is their sole source of income? Should it be?

In this course you’ll learn proven transition planning strategies to turn your real estate investments into a reliable stream of income that will last a lifetime and avoid the cataclysmic results of being unprepared.

Course instructor: Bobbi Hines, Attorney, with Kreis Enderle in Grand Rapids is a member of the Real Estate Planning and Elder Law Practice Group. Bobbi represents individuals and families in a broad range of estate succession planning, ownership and transfer to protect individual and family wealth.

Course length: 2 hrs 10 min

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