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REI Mastery Minute: Your Real Estate Investing Questions…Answered!

The REI Mastery Minute is a Q&A video series where we answer some of the most common questions that Michigan landlords and real estate investors have.

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What Are the Different Kinds of Notices That You Can Give a Tenant to Start an Eviction?

If My Tenant Files for Bankruptcy, How Can I Make Sure That I Still Collect Rent?

Why Would I Sell a Property on a Land Contract? How Large of a down Payment Should I Take, and How Much Interest Should I Charge?

Do I Need to Screen Tenants One by One as They Come in or Can I Do Them All at Once and Pick the One That I Feel Is Best? 

How Do the New Marijuana Laws in Michigan Affect Rentals? Can I Still Evict Tenants That Smoke Marijuana on the Property?

Should I Use a Boilerplate Land Contract or Should I Get the Assistance of an Attorney to Write One?

How Do I Dispose of Items Left by Tenants?

Can I Accept Partial Payment on a Possession Judgment and Still Evict the Tenant If the Full Payment Is Never Made?

What Happens If Payments Stop Being Made on a Land Contract? How Do I Go About Getting the Property Back, and How Long Does That Process Take?

Can I Change the Locks If a Tenant Has Not Vacated After Receiving a Possession Judgment?

What Is the Difference Between a Security Deposit and a Nonrefundable Fee?

Are Option Fees the Same as a down Payment and Are Either of Those Refundable?

Do I Have to Participate in the Section 8 Rental Voucher Program?

When Tenants Pay Their Rent Late, Can I Charge a Late Fee?

Can I Use Some of My Units as Short-Term Vacation Rentals?

How Do Know If Tenants Have Vacated the Property If There Are Belongings Left Behind and Can I Throw out the Items That Are Left Behind?

What Expenses Can Be Deducted from Security Deposits When Tenants Move Out?

When a Buyer Finishes Their Payments on a Land Contract, Should They Get a Quitclaim or a Warranty Deed?

Do I Have to Evict Tenants If Instructed to Do so by the Police, Due to Drug-Related Activity?

What Is the Most Typical Type of Notice and How Long Does It Take to Evict and Regain Possession of My Property?

When I Buy or Sell a Land Contract, Do I Need to Record It with the County?

Can I Sell a Property When There Is Still a Tenant Living There?

If a Neighbor’s Tree Is Hanging over My Property, Can I Trim It?

What Are the Biggest Mistakes That Investors Usually Make When Buying a New Rental Property?

Can I Enter the Property When the Tenants Are Not Home and What Do I Do If There Is an Emergency and I Am Being Denied Access?

If Only One Person in a Unit Moves Out, Do I Have to Return Their Security Deposit?