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Robyn Thompson HeadshotRobyn Thompson – Buy & Hold and Rehabbing Investment Strategies

Back by popular demand! Robyn, the “Queen of Rehab,” has integrated her highly successful rehab program into a new buy and hold investment strategy—providing more flexibility for rehabbing for flips or for holds. There couldn’t be a better time to integrate Robyn’s strategies into your investment game plan.


Hear a snippet of our upcoming podcast with Robyn:


To listen to the entire podcast with Robyn,  click here.


More about Robyn: Robyn is the nation’s leading expert in buying, renovating and selling single and multi-family homes for huge profits. Robyn has renovated and sold over 390 properties since leaving her job with IBM. She has taught thousands of students–including Than Merrill of Flip this House–how to achieve financial independence by investing in distressed properties. Robyn has made retailing homes a science, and she knows every technique imaginable to locate profitable deals, renovate distressed properties at lightning speed, minimize holding costs, qualify good credit buyers and expedite closings so you can collect a big check. She now shows you how to bring these same skills to advance your success when choosing either a buy and hold or flipping strategy.

Robyn is speaking on Thursday, February 23, 2017, from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. at DeVos Place, River Overlook E-F.