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RPOA Member’s Only Deal – ClearVue Bed Bug Traps

ClearVue is offering a limited-time 10% discount on the purchase price of their Bed Bug Traps for RPOA members. ClearVue’s traps feature Active Beacon Technology that lures the bed bugs to the traps using their instinctual attraction to carbon dioxide. Once inside, the bed bugs are trapped on a glue floor, making it impossible for them to escape. They can then be easily discarded, using the No Touch No Escape sealable plastic bag disposal feature. Check out ClearVue’s introductory video here to learn more about their patent-pending design!

Why Use ClearVue Bed Bug Traps?

ClearVue Bed Bug Traps can help you fight the growing costs and legal repercussions that can result from a bed bug infestation. You can also use the traps to:

  • Monitor and detect bed bugs before a full – blown infestation
  • Detect bed bugs during turnover to verify that there are no bed bugs present before new tenants move in
  • Validate the effectiveness of professional treatment
  • Protect your tenants who have an infestation while they wait for professional treatment

ClearVue traps are available for $14.98 as a starter pack of 2. A value pack of 12 traps is $83.88, and a bulk pack of 100 traps is $649.00. The traps will last up to several weeks once activated. You can place your order here. Don’t forget to use the code NREIA for the exclusive RPOA Member Discount of 10% off.

Don’t wait; this offer is for a limited time only!


Click here to place your order now! 

Start protecting yourself from the cost of a bed bug infestation today!