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The Other Way Ministries YES Program

The RPOA has an ongoing partnership with The Other Way Ministries, supporting its Youth Employment Service (YES) ministry.

Although their main job for teens involved in the summer program is to mow lawns, they will also spend time building resumes, writing college essays, discussing budgets and money management, and learning how to act professionally in future job interviews.

Make a Tax Deductible Charitable Donation to the Program Online Now!

The partnership with the RPOA is focused on clean-up projects within the neighborhoods of Grand Rapids. Donations from RPOA members to the RPOA Charitable Fund are used to fund the projects and support The Other Way Ministries summer program. The vision of the RPOA is to address houses with overgrown lawns, trash, or any other visual setback that damage the neighborhood as a whole and need cleaned up.

The focus is on moving from one neighborhood association to the next, cleaning up one house or vacant property at a time. This has been a great opportunity thus far for all parties involved. RPOA membership support is needed to make the 2013 program possible. RPOA members can help support the program by making a contribution to the RPOA Charitable Fund—a deductible donation! $100 (or any amount) will go a long ways to making the program a success.

Either donate online or by check to:

RPOA Charitable Fund

1459 Michigan Street NE

Grand Rapids, MI 49503


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