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Real Estate Investment Mastery & Training Program

The RPOA offers an intensive training and certification program with over 20 offerings.  The in-depth seminars include courses on property management, rental property ownership, and other related topics.  The program consists of several core courses for landlords and real estate investors.

100 Level Courses
100 Foundations of Buying, Leasing & Selling Rental Property
101 Real Estate Investment Analysis
102 Real Estate Investment Analysis for Flips
103 Property Maintenance and Housing Codes
105 Basic Buying & Selling Rental Property & Acquisition Strategies
106 Conventional Financing Basics
107 Recordkeeping and Time Management for Rentals
108 Accounting Systems, Cash Flow & Tax Basics
109 Marketing & Screening for Paying Tenants
110 Understanding Leases & Contract Law
111 Evictions Made Simple

200 Level Courses
200 Real Estate Investment Analysis – Advanced Methods
205 Foreclosures & HUD Buying & Selling
206 Creative Wealth with Seller Financing
207 Building a Business Plan
208 Advanced Bookkeeping & Accounting Systems
211 Garnishments & Collecting Judgments
212 Rehabbing for Flipping Profits
213 Rehabbing for Rental Profits
214 Advanced Tax Strategies

The REI Mastery & Training Program is an excellent way to gain an in- depth understanding of the business and build credibility in the community.  Most of the courses also offer continuing education credit hours for licensed real estate professionals in Michigan. Those completing the courses will also receive a designation as a Professional Housing Provider through the National Real Estate Investors Association (NREIA).

Check the RPOA’s current schedule for dates and times of courses.