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West Michigan Real Estate Investor Club Networking

The RPOA partners with the West Michigan Real Estate Investor Club (REI), sponsoring monthly evening meetups for active and aspiring real estate investors. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been doing this for 100 years or you’re just getting started trying to figure out how to make a buck in real estate! All real estate investors are welcome.

The purpose of the West Michigan REI Club is to network with other investors, learn real estate investing strategies, analyze deals, invite guest speakers and members to present on all things real estate, learn how to finance deals, and grow as a community of investors in the West Michigan area to do more deals! The discussions cover a wide array of topics, including cash flow, real estate investing, real estate foreclosures, investment strategies, financing and more. To connect with the group and keep up-to-date on meetings and more, join the Meetup group West Michigan REI Club at meetup.com/WestMichiganREIClub/.

The locations of the networking meetings may change from time to time so it’s important to stay connected with the group online. For more information on the group, contact volunteer Michael Lerch at michael.j.lerch@gmail.com.