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Update on Rental Showings in Michigan

Some landlords are probably wondering—and rightly so—if they can show their rentals in-person to prospective tenants if they are not a licensed real estate professional. The confusion arose out of the latest Michigan executive order (EO) dealing with real state for sale showings. So, the RPOA dug in early and finally has an answer.

After conversations with the RPOA of Michigan’s lobbyist and reviewing their conversations with the Michigan Association of Realtors (MAR) and its attorneys, the answer to this question is: Yes, landlords—in fact, any private property owner—may show their property for rent or for sale. So, even if you are not a licensed real estate professional, you may show your property. In addition, RPOA past board member, John Potter, also endured long hold times with the Michigan COVID-19 hotline to get an answer that supports this position. (Thanks, John!)

Good news! The only thing landlords must keep in mind is that they must follow the same guidelines as licensed individuals when showing properties. It is also important to mote that showings cannot be done unless the unit is vacant.Those guidelines include:

  • Any showings, inspections, appraisals, photography or videography, or final walk-throughs must be performed by appointment and must be limited to no more than four people on the premises at any one time. No in-person open houses are permitted.
  • Following all the other safety precautions under the stay at home order should also be followed, i.e. distancing of six feet and wearing mask and doing as much of the work remotely as possible.

Some of this may change as the current stay at home order either gets extended, removed or revised—so, stay tuned!


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