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    URGENT: LLC Bill Needs Your Push…Make Calls Today!

    For the first time in two decades, the “LLC bill” has a chance of passing.  The bill, HB 4463, would enable single-member LLC’s and LLC’s owned by married couples to handle their own evictions in court without an attorney.  The cases would be limited to the amount of small claims cases—which is the majority of all landlord-tenant eviction cases.

    The bill has been passed by the Michigan House but is stuck in a Senate committee.  The RPOA of Michigan is asking all landlords to contact their Senator and push to get this bill discharged from committee and on the Senate floor for a vote.  Calls to the Senate majority leader, Senator Arlan Meekhof, would also be helpful.  There is little time left to get this bill moving.  Call and email your Senators as soon as possible and ask them to have HB 4463 discharged from committee and brought before the full Senate for a vote, and ask for their support in passing the bill.

    Here’s a list of local Senators and their contact numbers:

    Sen. Arlan Meekhof (Majority Leader), (517) 373-6920, SenAMeekhof@senate.michigan.gov (Grand Haven/Holland Area)

    Sen. Tonya Schuitmaker, (517) 373-0793, SenTSchuitmaker@senate.michigan.gov (Kentwood/Allegan Area)

    Sen. Dave Hildenbrand, (517) 373-1801, SenDHildenbrand@senate.michigan.gov (Grand Rapids/Lowell Area)

    Sen. Pete MacGregor, (517) 373-0797, SenPMacGregor@senate.michigan.gov (Rockford/Grand Rapids Area)

    Sen. Mike Nofs, (517) 373-2426, SenMNofs@senate.michigan.gov (Ionia/Barry County Area)

    Sen. Goeff Hansen, (517) 373-1635, SenGHansen@senate.michigan.gov (Muskegon/Oceana/Newago Area)

    Your senator not shown above?

    Here’s a link to all the Senate Districts in the State:


    Here’s a link to all the Senators by District: